domingo, agosto 13, 2017

A Work Of Art

She looked like art
Today, yesterday, maybe tomorrow as well
To be touched with the eyes of the one she loves
Or maybe to be admired, depends on her mood
Not to be called a princess, not be your queen
Hanging in your dreams or next to a wall
Seducing you, but you are a fool 

Sometimes we do not seek beauty
Sometimes we do not know we are beautiful
Sometimes we just want to be looked at

To feel like we exist
Yes, to feel something
Hours, seconds and even days
Just a blink of an eye and it starts to beat again

When she was young all she wanted was to be pretty 
To be perfect
To be the one
To be the girl everyone wants to be

Isn’t she beautiful
Just standing there
A look at the window
A look at the mirror
Paint in the face, plastic in her hair
Not in a museum, not even in a bar
Just standing there

She is a work of art.

-Joanna Ference

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